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Pond Paradise Designs inc.


in  2003


Licensed & Insured 


proudly serving

Suffolk & Nassau county

The Masters of water feature art


We can create you a Backyard Paradise

  Have a one of a kind water feature built by Long Island's best Pond Paradise Designs

Our passion is your pond paradise

   Welcome to the website of Pond Paradise Designs, the premier professional water feature 

company of Long Island New York. We specialize in the installation and maintenance of ponds

and waterfalls. Have a beautiful cascading water feature in your yard, built once and right.

We can create you that dream Backyard Paradise. Learn more about Pond Paradise Designs here.

 All of the water features on this site are designed, created, trademarked & copyright by Rob Riccardo's Pond Paradise Designs 

a legal licensed & Insured corp. All photos on this site are the property of Rob Riccardo's Pond Paradise Designs


     Welcome to Pond Paradise Designs,  Long Island's premier water feature specialist. 


We can create your backyard pond paradise

 Water Features & Photography

         are by Rob Riccardo


   Pond Paradise Designs inc. is proudly one of
the top water feature specialist companies on
Long Island NY. An earned reputation from
having manys years of experience creating
one of a kind water features. Our dedication
with the designing, building, and maintaining of
these water features for our clients is priority
one. We have amazed people over the years,
creating ponds and waterfalls, transforming a
normal backyard into a backyard paradise.
No two water features a like, making every job 
new and exciting and very different.
   Our passion is to design a water feature that
will bring you years of enjoyment with your
family and friends, that you can enjoy right
in your own yard.                                                    


   Our amazing water features are constructed with 

proffesional grade pond items that are built to last.

Our durable pond liners, energy efficent pumps and

rigid filter items are dependable products.

   We are different from a average company who installs

water features. I personally choose each rock

for every each individual project. A variety of stones

with amazing character with cuts, grooves and shapes.

This is very important to create a natural looking water

feature. Not everyone has the eye, talent or experience

to puzzle a waterfall together, to look like one you would

see in nature. The years of experience we have creating

these water features, shows with every water feature lookingbetter than the last. 

Public Displays

         Gulf  LIE exit 64  route 112 Medford 

        Our best waterfall display location


    Visit one of my many public water feature

displays across Long Island. As of now I have

20 public displays from east to west. The displays

can be viewed at any time 24 hours a day.

There are a few ponds but most of the locations are

pondless waterfalls. There is a wide variety of

different styles of these waterfalls. In the evening,

the waterfalls are illuminated with aquatic lighting.

There are colorful plants in the landscape areas.

View the display pages on this site and find a public

waterfall  close to your area.

   I am proud to say that Pond Paradise Designs has

the most public water feature displays here on

Long Island. See the masterpiece waterfall displays

at anytime.


We have 20 Public Waterfall Displays with over 50 waterfalls to view                                                        across long island. The 21st public display is coming soon.    

Pond Paradise Designs has the most public waterfall locations on Long Island

All water features are designed and constructed by  Rob Riccardo's Pond  Paradise  Designs inc.

                                      Have your water feature built once and right  by Long Island's
                                         premier  water feature specialist  Pond Paradise Designs

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Have a beautiful water

feature that is very low

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We carry only quality water feature products

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