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What is Pond Paradise Designs up to lately?

Pond Paradise Designs inc.


New Construction 

 Ponds, Waterfalls, Public Displays 

Maintenance Service  Spring Startups

Fall closings   Upgrades   


2015   Fall Closing of a water feature

Have your water feature

professionally closed for the

season, by our maintenance

division. A leaf net, aerator

and deicer are installed.

Protect your fish and have 

your water feature closed


Warning !!

Winterize your fish correctly,

so you do not have fish loss 

Fall closing net
Fall closing net

Fall closing net
Fall closing net


Leaf net

De icer

Aerator bubbler



" Looking forward to the challenge of designing one of a

kind water features in the new season. " Rob Riccardo

     The new 2015 water feature season

is here. We have new designs in plan

and are looking forward to building some

extraordinary water features this year.


     We can create you a breathtaking one

of a kind water feature. You can spend

quality tranquility time in your own

backyard paradise, enjoying your water

feature, with your family and friends.

911 memorial water feature

Wyandanch  fire  department  


Reporter Virginia Huie 

1528 Straight Path, Wyandanch NY

Watch this short video from NEWS 12

911 waterfall
911 waterfall

911 waterfall
911 waterfall


This memorial waterfall display can be seen 24 hours a day at 1528 Straight Path  Wyandanch 


Live on TV

 A piece of steel from tower 2 of the world trade center was installed in the waterfalls, with the Wyandanch fire departments truck. The piece of steel had a curvature to it and a aquatic pump was installed, to have water cascading down it.

This addorable little girl,

sang a beautiful version of

God Bless America 

The 911 memorial waterfalls

The people who attended the 911 Ceremony

Pond Paradise Designs wants

to thank all the people who helped

with this memorial water feature

and who attended this ceremony.

Spring Startup service

Have your Pondless Waterfall

cascading again this spring

New filter pads           Water additives

Have your water feature serviced

correctly by the experienced staff 

of Pond Paradise Designs. We have

the knowledge and experience to

care for your fish.

Have your pond cleaned out and your fish handled correctly


   Make your appointment early this spring. Our schedule

is filling up quickly. It is the best to have your Spring Startup

service early in the year, so you can have a nice long season

with your water feature.   

   Another winter has passed and Pond Paradise Designs is ready for the Spring Startup season to begin. Your water feature has had a harsh winter and is ready to be opened.

See your fish swim around in your pond again. Watch the water flow down your waterfall. 

​If you have a fish pond or a pondless waterfall, we can get it up and flowing once again this spring. Our maintenance service staff will arrive on a scheduled visit and clean out and prep your water feature for the new season. We have experience handling fish in a pond carefully

and know how to acclimate them to the new water. Your Pondless waterfalls water will cascade once again and look beautiful for the new season.  


Due to the long harsh winter we just had we will be starting our cleanouts on March 23rd. Please contact us to get on our schedule.



Medford  5-18-2015

Thanks for the great

vibe during the job

  Met a great family with a pooch called "Hooch" while building a pondless waterfall. This colorful frontyard cascading waterfall was Hooch approved!!

A pondless waterfall with a stream

A split off pondless waterfall - Created a waterfall that divides in 2 different directions, cascading into a pondless basin. Had a great time with an enjoyable family that was very happy with their new water feature. Enjoyed some great music during the job. Rock on Ronnie!!  \m/                                                                                                                                                                                               West Babylon  6-16-2015

pondless waterfall
pondless waterfall

pondless waterfall
pondless waterfall

pondless waterfall
pondless waterfall


   A pondless waterfall cascading over a variety of different sized stones.

 Marginal plantings bordering the sides of this beautiful water feature.


Service for your water feature

Pondless Waterfall

Pet safe 

Formal falls


water feature


Levittown NY

  A formal falls water feature was installed at the front entrance of

the new Zwanger - Pesiri building on Hempstead tpk. in Levittown.

We teamed up with Paccione & Sons Landscape Designs and created three formal waterfalls, cascading out of a brick wall. A Beautiful assortment

of landscape plantings surround the water features. There are a set of three 

Mongolian besalt column fountain rocks in the back of the formal falls, facing 

the building. This modern looking water feature goes really well, with this

amazing design of the building.



Tommy the artist

 Rob and his crew are the Best"

  Tommy is a unique guy who has a incredible talent to draw.                           While the Spring Startup service was being performed, Tommy decided

to sit down and create a drawing of the service. When I saw his art,

I was overwhelmed and surprized at how detailed his drawing was.

It was one of the coolest things a young boy has done for us yet and

I felt very honored. He gave me the drawing to take home, which I framed.

   On the way out he had drawn in chalk on the driveway," Rob and his crew

are the Best." It was such a great experience that I will never forget.

Tommy is a very talented artist and a great guy and I thanked him for his 

thoughts, effort, and kindness. Go Tommy!!   


Stay tuned for more upcoming events in 2015