A memorial waterfall for the heroes

and people who lost their lives in 911.

The Wyandanch fire department and

Pond Paradise Designs put a lot of

effort in this memorial, to respect 

anyone who was affected by 911.

This memorial water feature can be scene 24 hours a day at the Wyandanch fire department

address - 1528 Straight Path Wyandanch N.Y.

Home of 

     the Indians


Co. Inc.

News 12 arrived for the ceremony and filmed and interviewed, people who were involved with the 911 memorial water feature.

Reporter Virginia Huie

Interview Rob Riccardo 

Pond Paradise Designs

Interview with Al Goetz 

Wyandanch fire dept. president

Here ia a video from News 12 you can watch about the 911 memory ceremony event

The 911 memorial waterfalls

 A piece of steel from tower 2 of the world trade center was installed in the waterfalls, with the Wyandanch fire departments truck. The piece of steel had a curvature to it and a aquatic pump was installed, to have water cascading down it.

The people who attended at  the 911 ceremony 

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This addorable little girl,

sang a beautiful version of

God Bless America 

A proud mother

Pond Paradise Designs wants to thank all the people who helped with this memorial water feature and who attended this ceremony.