A Ponds Ecological System

Aquatic plants,  Rock and Gravel

 There are some important items that a pond must have to create water clarity.                        The basic important items are aquatic plants, rock and gravel and a good filtration system.        

If your pond runs 24 hours a day and has all of these items, your pond will be crystal clear. 

A rock and gravel interior with aquatic plants along the edge of the pond will work successfully.

Aquatic Plant Edge

What is an ecological system in a pond?

The aquatic plants are marginally planted along the edge of a pond. The plants  

will grow along this edge, forming a plant shelf. This is very important for a functional ecologolical system, producing crystal clear water.


Aquatic Plants in a pond


Protect your liner with stone


The sun can be very 

damaging to your liner

     The ultra violet rays of the sun can be harmful

to your liner. Your liner will get only half of it's life expectancy if it is not covered with rock and gravel.

    Even though the liner is under water, the u.v. rays

will make your liner brittle. This will cause it to crack 

and leak.

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Stone in a pond has

multiple purposes. 

1. Protects the liner

2. Creates an ecological system

3. Looks natural


Ecological system with stone

   Installing rock and gravel in a pond, is a part of the ecological 

system that will create water clarity.

   Bacteria, fish waste and sediment will endlessly float around in a 

pond, if there is not any rock or gravel in the interior to hold it down. 

Placing rock and gravel in the pond, will create a holding place

for the bacteria, fish waste and sediment to settle down underneath

between the stone and gravel. 

   Without the rock and gravel in the pond you might have cloudy water.

There is not a place for the bacteria, fish waste and sediment to

settle down anywhere. The fish will swim around and stir up the

water and this will happen repeatedly. 

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   A rock and gravel interior, is an important factor in creating an ecological system in a pond. Keeping a pond and a stream looking as natural as possible, is always the goal. The right assortment of various sized rock and gravel, will give the water feature a very natural look. No one wants to look at a black liner in a pond. Looking at a rock and gravel interior of a water feature with stone looks much more natural.

Rock & Gravel

 Looks natural




Would you rather have this                            This natural looking pond

unnatural looking liner pond                         with a rock and gravel interior 


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