My goal is to create you a one

of a kind Backyard Pond Paradise

First pond at 10 years old  1978

      My name is Rob Riccardo, I am the owner of Pond ParadiseDesigns. I come from a artistic
family. I have the talent to create one of a kind water features. I have built many ponds and
waterfalls since I was a child. In my youth, My first pond I ever built was a turtle pond. 
I always enjoyed ponds, waterfalls, and streams. I always had a passion for the outdoors and
water features in my younger years and enjoyed growing up with outside nature. 










Pond Paradise today

    I built my first professional pond in the yard I grew up in the photo below. This yard has six
water features in this yard. I really enjoyed building these amazing one of a kind fascinating
water features. My first year I built a few ponds and it went well. I earned money having fun
building these water features. I knew then I was ready to take on a new challenge in my life,
becoming a professional water feature designer and installer. I was looking forward to a new
occupation and it was exciting. Building a new future and having fun doing it. Not too many
people can say they love their jobs. I was going to become one of the rare few that could. 
    The next year I built my first public display water feature at a Exxon gas station on Veterans
highway in Islandia NY. I recieved a overwhelming amount of phone calls from this display right
away. This water feature was attracting a lot of attention in a high traffic area and it was a great
advertisement. This way of advertising works extremeley better than posting a paper add that
cannot do as well and can be costly.This is a very affective way to advertise and is the only way I
ever will. It has been very successful in the past and the present.
    I installed quite a few water features that year and that put me on the map to be noticed as a
water feature specialist. Today I have 19 public water feature displays across Long Island that
can be seen 24 hours a day. We have many locations at gas stations, car washes, office buildings,
public parks and more. The public displays are beautiful during the day and have 
aqautic lighting for night time viewing. Considering thoasands of vehicles pass these public
display locations daily.These displays have earned popularity and proudly lead me to become
one of the top water feature specialists on Long Island in New York.  


* Click photo to see our many public water feature display page 

The first Public Display


     Over the years I have built many water features and have a lot of experience in this field.  
All of the water features are a one of a kind creation with no two a like. The pond kits that are
installed are a professional level. I do honor all warranties on the pond kit items within warranty.
A variety of different size stones with irregular shapes are installed. The stone is hand picked
for each individual project. The water feature will be completed in a timely manor. The best 
artistic creations cannot be rushed. I am as neat as possible under the construction of a project.
    My goal is to satisfy your thoughts of a water feature above and beyond what you have  
imagined. I devote the time to make sure your water feature is designed, built and funtions
correctly. As an artist, I am present on each project designing and directing the unique artistic 
devolpment of the water feature, making sure it is completed correctly.  
     I hope to create you a beautiful one of a kind water feature one day, that will bring you years
of enjoyment with your family and friends. We can add a magical water feature to any yard, with 
a great visual of cascading water with a soothing sound. 
    Call us anytime to have a design consultation. A design consultant will arrive and design you a
unique water feature evolving your yard into a backyard paradise. 
                                                                     Thank you, I hope you enjoyed exploring this site


                                                                                                                Robert Riccardo



Let us create you a

   Backyard Paradise

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Have your water feature built right by Long Island's best

                                                  Pond Paradise Designs inc.

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Designing and building a water feature is very intense labor, physically and mentally.

The design and artistry has to be just right. I strive for perfection and will not settle

for anything less. Building a one of a kind water feature that brings joy to someones

life, is a magical feeling that makes feel triumphant and proud.   Rob Riccardo


We Strive for perfection

and will not settle for anything less

Pond Paradise Designs is a legal licensed and insured corporation of New York








Pond Paradise Designs inc.

Masters of

  water feature art

The goal is to create a unique one of a kind

water feature above and beyond your imagination

Pond Paradise Designs now has over 25 public water features

We create top quality low maintenance water features