Snorkels are installed in all wet wells. Centipedes are only applied to larger ponds 

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 ​​                        Wet Well -  On one side of the

                         pond across from the waterfall,

                         we build a wet well area which 

houses  the pump. The pump is in the pond  

in a snorkel vault, vertically installed. This gives easy access to the pump to have

cleaning ability. A rock wall is built a few feet in front of the snorkel vault. Gravel is

filled in between the rock wall and the snorkel vault. The pump in the snorkel, pulls 

the water  through the rock andgravel in the wet well from all angles, forming a

huge filter area. The water pumps through the wet well and up to a bio falls filter 

or a reverse wetland bog area,which gives even more filtration. The water cascades

down the waterfall and intothe pond. Wet wells are very low maintenance and get

cleaned out only once a year in our annual Spring Startup service. We do not install

skimmer boxes. Wet wells have very low maintenance compared to a pond skimmer,

which needs weekly to monthly maintenance. This style gives more filtration, less

maintenance, a better way to go.                                     




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We do not install skimmer boxes, bottom drains, bead or pressure filters,
which require more maintenance. We install Biofalls, Wet wells, and Bog
filtration. Less maintenance and provides better filtration.  


  Wet Well

 Wet WellFiltration

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  The Wet Well filter area gets flushed and pumped out only

once a year in the Spring Startup service. The water that is

pumped out of the pond is used to wash and flush out the

wet well. An additional pump is applied to the wet well

snorkel access chamber and is used to discard the flushed 

water out of the wet well filter area.