Problems with filtration

Insufficient filtration  -  Sufficient filtration  

The right filtration

     A low maintenance

     proffesional system.

Biofalls        Bio pads     Filter media

Sufficient  fIltration


A Wet Well -

   Is a area off to one side of the
pond on the opposite side of the
waterfall, that houses the pump.
The wet well area promotes a lot  
of filtration, much more than a
skimmer would. Skimmers are
more maintenance and work and 
has less filtration than a wet well.
We do not install skimmers.
Wet wells are much more affective.
The water constantly pulling the
rock and gravel producing surface area filtration. The wet well requires a snorkel
pump housing and in larger projects, a centipede.
                Different size models are applied to the size of the water feature







Snorkel Centipede


Filtration for Larger ponds

Wetland Bog Filtration

    Wetland bog filtration is the most                                                                                             affective way to filtrate a larger pond.
  •  The water is pumped up from
         the wet well in the pond to the
         bottom of the wetland bog
  • The water flows slowly through the                                                                                    different sized rock and gravel sizes
         up through the top of the bog.
  •   Aquatic plants purify the water and 
         balance the wetland and pond.
  •  The rock and gravel and aqautic plants develop a echological
         system  in the bog  wetland and produces crystal clear water.  
  • The water cascades out of the waterfall designed area and back into the pond.
  • This wetland bog gets cleaned once a year in the spring.                                          
               Aquatic plants and stones are the key factors in a wetland bog 

 Insufficient filtration -
    There are headache filtration systems
out there that are a lot of work and
maintenance.  We take out pressure and
bead filters all the time and replace them
with a very low maintenance filtration
system. We can filtrate your pond correctly
and the system we install, will produce clear
water with very low mininum maintenance. 
     Everything works together as a team.
 You can have crystal clear water with the
right eco system and filtration. A balanced 
pond has a correct eco system with aquatic
plants, rock and gravel in a pond, working
together with your correct filtration system.
     Our system is a biofalls filter with pads  
and media and a wet well. This system gets
cleaned only once a year in the spring.