Bad Built Jobs  Done Wrong!

    A risky chance you might get a job that is poorly built, by a inexperienced contractor.

Someone who does not specialize in water features. This is unfortunate for the client, who

has invested money expecting a beautiful water feature but gets stuck with a disfunctional

poorly built job. A badly built job, requires  rebuild, by an experienced water feature specialist

Pond Paradise Designs. I have seen this common problem many times and have talked to 

people who have gone through a bad experience. Spending your money twice is a costly

expense. Be careful who you choose to have your water feaure built by. Feel confident with

who you choose.  Pond Paradise Designs has many  years of experience and does top quality

work and builds water features that are made to last. Our expertise with water features rises

above and beyond the rest. We will  you build a unique one of a kind work of art. 


Buyer Beware

Ponds Done Wrong !!

           Have your water feature built once and right the first time by

         a professional water feature specialist  Pond Paradise Designs

 Do not have your water feature built by a illegal unlicensed, uninsuranced contractor.


Do not have a bad job

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  • Does not specialize in
  • water features
  • ​Does not have photos
  • of own work.
  • Job seems inexpensive  ​


  • Does not have a NY

  • state business license

      and insurance


  • Has little knowledge
  • about water features
  • when asked questions

  • ​​Does not warranty

  • work or products. ​  

Would you want this ?                              

Or this ?

A Bad nightmare job 

by the inexperienced

A Great dream job

by the experienced

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bad jobs
bad jobs

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Volcano built by the inexperienced

Waterfall built by the experienced



Click on arrows to scroll,  click on image to enlarge or just watch slide show

           Are you seeing a difference here?

Do not be Conned by a Contractor

We can create you that Pond Paradise you are dreaming of

  CAUTION  Prevent this and Do Not be
   a Victim of a badly built water feature


  • Have your water feature built right the first time, a wise investment

  • Our goal is to create you a water feature that is above and

       beyond your imagination 

Why  choose Pond Paradise Designs inc. ?

Do not throw your money away on a BAD BUILD

  •  We will give you the respect and customer service you deserve

A Bad  investment                      is a financial loss

A Good investment                      is money well spent                   

A water feature

built right the

first time is a

great investment.

Built by an inexperienced contractor

Built by an experienced artist

     Pond Paradise Designs

  • You will pay for our expertise and quality work


Enjoy your well

earned investment