Bog filtration is an effective way to filtrate larger ponds.The water is

pumped up to the centipede units placed horizontally on the bottom of

the bog area. The water arises up through a mix of different sized rock

and gravel.The water fills up the bog and overflows into the waterfall

area. Aquatic plants are planted in the bog to help produce oxygen,

creating a ecological system, which creates water clarity.The snorkel 

is connected to a centipede and placed on one end of the bog area for 

cleaning capability. This bog area gets cleaned out with our Spring 

Startup service and does not need to get cleaned out more than once

a year. One of the best ways to biological filtratrate a pond. 

  Wetland Bog Filtration

This wetland bog filtration is suggested on larger ponds 

Pump snorkel vault


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Wetlands produce a lot of

surface area filtration

  This is a upper bog
wetland filtration area.
The water is pumped
up to this area and 
goes through a series  
of rock and gravel.
The water cascades
down the waterfall & 
back into the pond.
   This area gets cleaned
once a year. A very
effective way to filtrate
a large water feature.


Snorkels and Centipedes

are custom sized fitted to each individual water feature project.