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WBAB Radio station 555 Sunrise hwy. 

Rt. 27  North Service rd. West Babylon

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Sunoco station  Smithtown

Sunoco gas station on the corners

of Rt. 111 and  Maple Ave. Smithtown

Gulf station 1050 Udall rd. and

corner of Bayshore Rd. Bayshore  

Gulf station  Bayshore

Two Pondless waterfalls
One Pondless waterfall

      WBAB  radio station

   This pondless waterfall is in a corner

by the entrance door off the building.

A smaller pondless waterfall that fits

the corner great. There are perennial

shade oriented shrubs surrounding the 

waterfall. A dwarf japanese maple tree 

tree hangs over the top waterfall.

There is low voltage lighting illuminating

the water at night. This small pondless waterfall is a great corner visual piece 

that can be fitted in most any yard.

   There are two pondless waterfalls at this gas station. These waterfalls are on the corner for all to see. A variety of smaller and larger boulders were installed on the waterfalls. A group of perennial shrubs

were planted around the waterfalls. Low

voltage aquatic lights are in the waterfallls.


  When I go to this location, people have told how much they like these waterfalls. I have created natural looking waterfalls on

this corner and they enjoy it as they pass by. 


   There are two pondless waterfalls at  

this corner, at this station. A nice flow

rate cascades down these waterfalls.

These waterfalls can be seen from all angles.There are colorful perennial plants around the waterfalls with a mulch edge.

At night there is low voltage lighting that

illuminate the waterfalls. The people of Smithtown enjoy the view, as they pass

this waterfall display. We have beautified

this corner of this town with waterfalls. 

A splash of nature for all to see.     

Two Pondless waterfalls

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