A deck edge pond is designed to bring the water feature very close

to the deck and have the water go right under the deck.

  You can feed the fish right out of your hand, put your feet in the

water enjoy your pond. Some deck edge pond designs have the

water going right under the deck.     Enjoy your deck edge pond 

especially at night with the aquatic lights shining on

the rock walls and 

see the fish swim 

under the edge of

the deck.   

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Scan 2.jpeg

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Scan 2.jpeg
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1.  The soil is excavated a  safe distance away from the  foundation of the deck. 


2. The underliner fabric and    liner is installed  in the pond  and placed under the deck  one foot past the deck edge.


3. The ponds rock interior is

  built up under the deck a      

  few  inches from soil level.  


4. The goal is to look down    from the decks top view and  see water going right under  the deck. 


* LED lighting under the deck  edge is a nice affect for night  time viewing. 



Deck Edge Pond

Deck Edge Pond

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Relax & put your feet in the water