Have your water feature built

           correctly and function properly 


       After you have called the office showing interest in a water

  feature. We can schedule you for a design consultation and
  arrive at your home or location and design you a water feature. 
      Before the scheduled appointment, you will be sent an
  introduction folder with a dvd and literature, explaining
  all about the different styles water features and how they work.
  Please review the literature & dvd before the design consultation.
    1.   At the appointment, a design consultant will arrive and design a water feature. 
   2.   You will be asked where the location is you would like your water feature.
   3.   What type of water feature you are interested in.
   4.   You will be shown our photos on a ipad tablet of different types of water features,
         to help you decide what type of water feature you would like.  
   5.   After agreeing on a location and a type of water feature, a basic drawing will be                sketched  along with a price quote.
   6.  If accepted, a signed contract with a 50% percent down payment is required.
         A estimated construction date will be agreed upon. 







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Edited Image 2014-2-25-22:6:52

Edited Image 2014-2-25-22:6:52
Edited Image 2014-2-25-22:6:52


A Design Consultation

A introduction folder with literature and a dvd

We do not give estimates over the phone.

All water feature estimates require a scheduled Design Consultation

Every water feature design is a one of a kind creation 

Click on a photo to see different styles of water features






You can have a computer enhanced image

of what your water feature could look like

   We Do Not 

      install any plastic pre fabricated items

Pond Paradise Designs  does not install any pre fabricated plastic fish pond tubs. These tubs are not reliable and will warp and crack in time. We only install our ponds and waterfalls with durable long lasting rubber 40 EPDM liners. These liners have a estimated rate t last over 40 years if installed correctly, using a rock and gravel interior.

liner rolls..jpg
liner rolls..jpg

Pond_Liner rolls_edited.jpg
Pond_Liner rolls_edited.jpg

liner rolls..jpg
liner rolls..jpg



We do install

 Durable 40 EPDM rubber Liners 

 A plastic tub might crack or warp in time          Rubber liner that will last in time 

Unreliable plastic tub

Reliable rubber liner

Designing a water feature

A water feature with a water depth               

All ponds kits are custom designed to each water feature project

A water feature with NO water depth

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