​​We have many ​public ​water feature displays across ​

    Long Island and can be viewed 24 hours a day




PPD has the most public waterfall displays on Long Island & in the country

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  LIE 495 Exit 64 S. Service Rd. & 
  the corner of Route 112
    This location has six large pondless  
 waterfalls averages six foot high each. 
 high each. There are multiple aquatic
 lights illuminating this huge water fall  
 design. A nice mix of assorted perenial 
 plantings surround the large waterfalls.
 Over 90,000 gallons per hour cascade
 down the waterfalls and meander in
 between the stone and gravel. 
* As of now, this our largest public
  water feature display, a must see.


Gulf station Medford

    Our Biggest


    Best Display

3 Pondless waterfalls
2 Pondless waterfalls

Gulf station Hauppauge

 LIE 495  Exit 56  S. Service Rd. and the 

 corner of Route 111 




   There are three seperate large pondless  waterfalls at this station. This location 

 has a big waterfall display area. All three  waterfalls are different designs. The left  waterfall has larger waterfall drops.  

 The right waterfall is a lower waterfall

 with a stream. The middle waterfall  has  two waterfalls combing into a stream.

 A variety of perenial and annual plants 

 surround the waterfalls. The waterfalls  

 are illuminated with aquatic lighting. 


6 pondless waterfalls at this location

Veterans memorial park  


   Veterans memorial park on Main St.  

   in between Rt. 111 and Maple Ave.




    This location has two larger pondless 

 waterfalls, that is dedicated to all the      

 veterans of the military. The waterfalls      

 cascade down 2 sides of the landscape

 berm. There is a nice variety of shade          

 oriented plants around the water feature.  There is aquatic lighting in the waterfalls.

 It was a honor to have been asked and  accepted to build this water feature for

 the veterans. I am very proud of this

 water  feature and how it reaches out to

 the heros of our country.  



Wellwood Car Wash  


  Car Wash  Rt.109 and the corner of      

 Wellwood ave.



  This area has 2 pondless waterfalls.

One facing the car wash and the other

facing the street. The front waterfall's

design is one waterfall that splits off

into two waterfalls. There is one bigger

waterfall facing the car wash. There is a

arrangements of landscape plantings

around both waterfalls. People relax and 

enjoy the view, while there vehicle gets a

detailed car wash. Both of these waterfalls

have aquatic lighting. 

2 Pondless waterfalls

There are more displays coming soon 

Look for our sign

with over  50  waterfalls to view 

Pond Paradise 

Designs inc.

516 - 220 6295

   We have over 25  public display locations

Click on a photo and find a display near your area  

This location is the ultimate public waterfall display on Long Island

POND PARADISE DESIGNS has the most public displays in the country

Most public waterfall  

displays on Long Island and in the country

The Waterfall Display King