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Copy of Gulf 63 display (15).jpg

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L.I.E. 495  Exit 63 south service rd. 

 & N. Ocean  Ave. Farmingville NY

 This location has one pond with
 two waterfalls on the inner side
 facing the station. There are two 
pondless waterfalls on the outside 
street side. The water features are            
surrounded by colorful landscape
plantings. There are aquatic lights
in the pond and waterfalls.                                                                            



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                                                          Motor Parkway Plaza  Hauppauge




  There are two pondless
waterfalls wrapping around
a unique sculpture. Waterfalls
can be seen from all angles.
There is a variety of colorful 
plantings surrounding the
waterfalls. There is LED aquatic
lighting in the waterfalls and
color LED lighting illuminating 
the sculture at night. 


      Sculpture by

   Hans Van de Bovenkamp

    a world renowned sculptor

 Motor Parkway Plaza L.I.E. Exit 55   

 694 Motor Parkway Hauppauge NY 

On Old Willets Path between Motor Pkwy.

& Veterans Hwy. Hauppauge NY

   A condominium complex entrance
pondless waterfall. A split direction
designed waterfall, cascading facing
the entrance of the complex. People
that live in the complex really enjoy
the waterfall. A great view entering
the front entrance. A variety of shade
oriented plantings are around the
waterfall. There is aquatic lighting in
this waterfall. A nice medium size 
water feature. 


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  Lakes of Honey Hollow condominiums   Hauppauge

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One pond two waterfalls - Two pondless waterfalls

        Public  Displays

Two Pondless waterfalls
One Pondless waterfall


This location has

    water features


   Gulf station  Farmingville






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