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waterfalls across Long Island

Gulf station  Islandia

Eight Pondless waterfalls

Display Water Features

Gulf station Islandia

Gulf station  Ronkonkoma

Gulf station L.I.E. exit 59 South service rd.  

and Ocean ave. Ronkonkoma



   This display has two pondless
waterfalls. There is a nice selection
of perennial and annual plantings,
with a mulch edge, around the
water feature. The low voltage
lighting illuminates the waterfalls
and the landscape plantings & trees.
There is driftwood logs on the sides
of the waterfalls. This adds a very
natural look to any water feature. 

Gulf station L.I.E. exit 57 Veterans Hwy.

and the corner Motor Pkwy. Islandia


 This location has eight pondless
waterfalls. It actually has 48,000
gallons per hour cascading down
the waterfalls! Five waterfalls face  
the street & three face the station. 
The display has colorful landscape
plantings around the water feature.
There are led aquatic lights under
the waterfalls. People give me a lot
of compliments on this display. 
One pond with a waterfall
Two  Pondless waterfalls
​   Gulf station L.I.E. exit 57 South
   service rd.& Veterans Hwy. Islandia
   This gas station has a pond and
waterfall. Inside the pond there
are fish, frogs and aqautic plants.
Speciman trees and shubbery are
planted around the perimeter of
the pond. There are low voltage 
aquatic lights in the pond and in 
the waterfall. The lights are also
illuminating the outside landscape. 
There is a viewing slab rock in the
front of the pond.  





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