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Filter pads

Filter media

Filter media wig!

 Wet Well filtration
  The filtration units we install to filtrate a pond,  
are a bio falls filter at the top of the waterfall and  
a snorkel vault in a wet well in the pond. They are
placed on opposite sides of the pond to circulate
water in the pond correctly.The two units together,
produce filtration with circulation, which is very
effective for water clarity.The filtration is very low
maintenance, that get cleaned only once a year in
our Spring Start up service.
  We do not install skimmers, that require more
maintenance and produce less filtration.

* Our filtration in a pond is

   very low maintenance

How we filtrate a pond.

Wet Well


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wet well
wet well

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Snorkel Vault in the Wet Well

Snorkel Vault

             PPD does install this Biofalls but not the skimmer. We install a wet well,

             which has more affective filtration and less maintenance than a skimmer.

Watch this  Aquascape Designs  video and learn how a Biofalls works.


A Biofalls filter and a Wet Well are installed in the Pond Paradise Designs ponds 

A Centipede is only installed in larger ponds
A Biofalls filter is installed with ponds.
Different size Biofalls are installed according to the size of the pond. 

These filtration units get 

cleaned out only once a year !

* Very Low


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