Shelter your beautiful koi fish with a rock cave

 We do not guarantee the fish cave willprevent 100 % fish loss, but is very affective  

Protect your Friendly Koi fish



 Why a fish cave -  A fish cave is an affective way to protect and shelter your fish from predators. ​Birds, raccoons, foxes and other animals are predators that

can capture fish out of a pond. We try to prevent this

by building a fish cave in your pond with stone. ​

How its built -  We install a flat rock on one side of the pond using the plant shelf as a support ledge. Depending how deep the pond is, determines how much space there will be from the top of the cave rock to the bottom of the pond. The size of the cave rock will vary with the size of the pond. Protect your beautiful fish with a fish cave.





   If you have become a victim of a predator invading

your pond and capturing your fish and would like to

replace your fish. We recommend you go to this fish

center for top quality beautiful koi.

Where to buy quality fish ? 


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