A child safe and pet safe water feature with 
zero water depth. The water cascades down
the waterfall into a gravel area. This waterfall
pump does not have to run 24 hours a day and
be ran at your own convenience. A pondless 
waterfall is one of the lowest maintenance
water features. A very popular water feature.


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Pondless Waterfall


Recycling  water

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A alternative to a pond and waterfall

A great alternative other than a pond

   If you do not want fish and are looking for just a
waterfall, a pondless waterfall is for you. This child
and pet safe water feature is very low maintenance.
When the water recirculates down the waterfall and
through the gravel basin area, the water gets filtrated.
  Run the waterfall at your own leisure. Leave the
waterfall off when you are not home. It is not neccesary
to run this waterfall 24 hours a day like a pond should. 

               A Pondless Waterfall does not have to run 24 hours a day 


  • Low maintenance
  • Child safe zero water depth
  • Does not have to run 24 hours
  • No fish 


What is a pondless waterfall?

Pondless kit






How a pondless waterfall works.

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how a pondless
waterfall is built

   A pondless waterfall is a waterfall

without a pond. The waterfall's pump is

in a pump vault in the gravel pondless

basin area. The water is pumped up from

the gravel basin area to a spillway.

The spillway recycles the water down the

waterfall into a stream, which leads back 

into the pondless gravel basin. 

   A Pondless waterfall is very popular for 

people who want a a low maintenance,

a child safe, fish free water feature. 




The beauty of a pondless waterfall

This Aquascape Designs  video can help you decide on a style of a waterfall you would like.

Professional grade

* Watch a Pondless waterfall video at bottom of page

    A Pondless waterfall kit


  • Spillway

  • Snorkel  pump vault

  • Geotextile fabric

  • 40 EPDM rubber liner

  • Aquatic pump

  • Pvc flex pipe

  • Aquatic lights

  • Foam adhesive, pvc glue, fittings

All Pondless waterfall kits are all custom fitted to each individual project


A child safe

water feature

with zero

water depth

  Very Low


Does not

have to run

24 hours a day

A alternative

than a pond

 No Fish 

just a waterfall 

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