So you get a job like this 

      NOT like this !!

Built by the experienced Pond Paradise Designs         Built by an inexperienced contractor

Why choose Pond Paradise Designs ?

How to choose a contractor to build your water feature?

  Choosing the right contractor for your water feature job is one of the most critical choices you

make. Having your water feature built right the first time is the goal. This is something you

have to be very careful of. Here is a list of things why you should choose Pond Paradise Designs.


  1.  Licensed and insured 


       There are a lot of illegal contractors out there that are not licensed and insured. Ask to see their    

   county license, so you do not get fined for having an illegal company on your property. 


  2.  Specializing in water features with experience


       Ask how much experience they have in building water features. Do they specialize in just      

   water features or are they a multiple trade company. Some companies will build water features

   once in a while and not full time. These are the companies to stay away from. Landscapers and

   masonry companies are known for this. They will take a break from cutting lawns, installing plants

   or pavers and race through your water feature job, to get back to their daily routine. This will cause

   what we call a sloppy or hack job. We rebuild jobs like this all the time. 30 % of our business last

   year has been rebuilds from a non artiscal contractor. We take our time and build you a quality

   artistic water feature. 


Do not become a victim of a bad job by a inexperienced contractor

  3.  Photos of their own past work


        Ask to see photos of their own past work. Contractors will show you books of photos that

are not their own companies work. They use books or booklets from a store or a companies

pond product magazine. They do this because they are not capable of producing top quality

work building waterfalls. This is not fair to you the consumer, who has assumed that the

contractor you chose, was going to do a beautiful job but does not and you are stuck with a

horrific unsightly dysfuntional water feature. We have had other companies that are not at the

same artistic level as Pond Paradise Designs, take photos of our water features and try to use

them to get work. This is a uncalled for sneaky  desperate move try to get work. If you cannot

build a beautiful water feature, then you should not be attempting to. These contractors are

only out to steal your money and stick you with a dysfunctional ugly water feature.

Unfortunately, this can be a very costly mistake and you will not be happy with the results the first time and will want to rebuild it again. 


Make sure the contractor is showing you photos of their own work and not someone else's.

 Do not throw your money away with a misleading snake contractor who cannot meet your artistic vision.

    4.  Communicating foreman on the job 


      There should always be a foreman present conducting the construction of your water feature.

   If you have any questions about the water feature, they should be answered correctley by a 

   foreman on the job that speaks your language. Poor communication can be a disaster that can

   ruin a job. Some contractors will leave the workers on the job, who do not know your language.

   If you cannot communicate with any of the workers, they will not understand you will not get        

   any answers to your important questions. This could be very fustrating and the job might not

   get built the way you wanted. You can call a companies office and try to get answers but over

   the phone is a lot more difficult. Having a foreman who understands you on the site, is a lot

   more helpful. Make sure you get a foreman that understands what you are speaking.

( No license shown for a secured reason )

Many years of experience specialing in water features

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    Suffolk and Nassau county                 

   licenses and we are insured              

    Nassau county              

   business license            


Pond Paradise

    Designs inc.

1.   Licensed & Insured

2.   Specializing in water features with experience

    Suffolk county              

   business license    


Pond Paradise                           Designs inc.

We are proud to show you our own photos

of Pond Paradise Designs water features

3.   Our own photos

4.   A Communicative Foreman 

We will have a communicative foreman

at every water feature construction project 


5 a.   A price quote estimate           5 b.   A  contract

A water feature itemized list quote                      A contract with details of the water feature

  Choose Pond Paradise Designs with confidence to build your water feature right

the first time. We will take pride in creating you a one of a kind water feature.

Enjoy tranquil time with your family and friends around a water feature. 

Having a communicating foreman on the site is very important to have a success job.

Yes we have

Things to look for in a contract

  • Licensed and Insured

  • Permit required

  • Any warranties on products 

  • Payments required

  • Starting date of construction

  • Daily arrival time

  • Approximate completion date

  • Change of order 

5.  Quote sheet and a contract

 Quote  -   A quote sheet is very neccessary to have a itemized list on exactly what you are

getting with your water feature. You should know what model sizes of the products and

the quantity of each item.


Contract  -  A signed contract is very important with a water feature. Everything you agree

on in the contract, should be fulfilled in the build of your water feature. Some materials in

your quote like rock and gravel are estimated amounts and are not always exact.

Other items such as pumps, lights, filtration units should be the exact amounts. 

   Make sure you read the contract thoroughly and see what the company is promising to

perform. Look for any clauses and ask questions about anything you are not sure about.

Ask about any warranties on workmanship and products applied to the water feature.

Ask about any permits that might be required. Who is responsible to obtain any permits.                        

A great investment built right by the

experienced  Pond Paradise Designs

6.  Invest wisely

     All of the information listed above is the reason why to choose Pond Paradise Designs,

a professional water feature specialist company, to build you a backyard paradise.

We will build your water feature right the first time. This will be a wise investment.

Do not choose another company for a better price. You will not save money but lose,

when you have to rebuild your water feature a second time. The old phrase says a lot

" You get what you pay for. " Paying for a water feature built with quality the first time,

is your best decision you can make. We stand behind our artistic quality with pride.  

A bad investment built wrong

by the inexperienced contractor

Pond Paradise Designs does have