A Problem with hungry Predators

How to protect

your fish from


   You have beautiful fish in your pond that you love and cherrish. One day you may come out

to feed your fish and notice that some of them are missing or have been taken out of the

pond and have been eaten!!  

  Your precious fish are vulnerable to being captured by local animals that live outdoors. 

Animals will find your pond and try to capture and eat your fish. This is a common thing but

here are some solutions that can help you protect your beloved fish. 

problem Predators

Solutions to prevent


water line

  The Scarecrow is a motion activated irrigation line, that triggers

when a predator invades within the pond area. The Water is dispersed

in the area that the scarecrow is set to protect.

  There is a radius setting that can be adjusted, for the scarecrow to

determine how much coverage right to left. It also has a sensitivity

level switch, that can be set to determine how sensitive you want it

to react to the presense of a predator. The water lead that runs the

Scarecrow is a constant water feed, not a sprinkler line. 

  This Scarecrow is very affective from keeping invasive animals away

from you precious fish. It works very well and will protect your fish.

It also works on non invasive animals that will visit your water feature.


scarecrow 2_edited.jpg
scarecrow 2_edited.jpg

scarecrow 4.jpg
scarecrow 4.jpg

scarecrow 3.jpg
scarecrow 3.jpg

scarecrow 2_edited.jpg
scarecrow 2_edited.jpg


Protect your precious fish

Fishing line

fishing line.JPG
fishing line.JPG

fishing line .JPG
fishing line .JPG

fishing line.JPG
fishing line.JPG


Protect me!

   Fishing line is installed above a pond to prevent birds from swooping down and attacking

your fish. There are native birds that will fly down and dive, right into your pond and capture 

your beloved fish. This can be prevented with the fishing line going across the top of your

pond in a irregular zig zag pattern. The birds fear getting tangled in this fishing line and will

get fustrated and fly away. 

  The fishing line can be put low over a pond to prevent the birds that prey along the ponds

edge. Certain breeds of birds, like stand on the edge of a pond and peck the fish out. Cranes

and egret birds are known ground dwellers.

  Clear mono fishing line is not as noticeable as if a cable or rope would be. You want to keep

the natural look, without having unsitely cables or a net over the pond. 

Fishing line above a pond

 We install a Rock Cave on the edge of a pond to prevent predators from

capturing the fish. A flat slab rock is placed on the aquatic plant shelf edge

in a corner of a pond. It is supported on three sides. This creates a over hang

cave effect and the fish can hide from predators with protection.

 To see the Fish Cave page click on this photo

Protect your fish with a ROCK CAVE

fish cave
fish cave

fish cave
fish cave


A bird decoy

   A fake bird decoy is a way to distract real birds from flying

in attacking your fish. Some people believe that when a bird

is flying overhead and sees another bird hunting for fish on

the edge of the pond, they fly away searching for another

pond. Birds are territorial and will not hunt in the same area

of a pond with another present.   


                                     Local birds will fly over the same areas, on the prowl

to catch a fish in a pond. If the decoy bird is kept in the same location,

the predator bird might get suspicious. The bird could fly down and

reveal that your decoy is fake. Then it will hunt for your fish.

  Occasionally, moving the decoy bird around the perimter of the pond,

in different areas, will help prevent the birds from hunting your fish.

   After you have moved the bird decoy to another location, the on

looking curious hunting birds, will assume that the decoy bird by the

pond, is moving around the ponds perimeter. This represents that the

fake bird decoy is real and hunting around the pond.

  This gives you a better chance, that the real birds do not understand

that you have a decoy bird by the pond.

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