Water Features

   Larger water features will require larger stones. All of the stone is hand picked for each
individual water featureA larger size water feature is quite impressive. It will bring you
satisfaction and years of enjoyment with your friends and family.
   If you have the space and the budget, we recommend you go large as possible.                                      
You may like your water feature now but you might want a larger one or a additional one later.  
Your beloved fish will grow bigger and they will need a larger environment. We have rebuilt 
ponds to a larger size that we have originally installed in the past. Some material such as,
rock, gravel and certain filtration units, can be reused on the new larger installation.
A new liner is always installed in all new pond rebuilds.


Larger jobs

        may require a machine 

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We have machine access

Pondless Waterfalls

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   Ponds & Waterfalls



Pondless waterfall video

Pond and Waterfall video

Large Pond and Waterfall


Aquatic plants

Filtration in a Large pond

     Larger ponds require filtration methods that have to be sufficent enough

   to rotate the ponds water and produce water clarity to have a healthy pond.



      Intake Wet Well pump area

  •  ​The pond pump pulls the water through large

         gravel into the wet well area. The wet well has

         a snorkel which houses the pond pump.  




      Outake Wetland Bog Waterfall area

  •   A wetland bog is in the waterfall area. The water

         is pumped up through the wetland rising up

         through a series of different sized rock, gravel and

         aquatic plants. This method will produce the best  

         filtration, with great water clarity. 


intake area


Wet well

Wetland bog

filtration area

A waterfall cascading 

    into a gravel bed.

A pondless waterfall has         water depth


No Fish

Child & Pet Safe

 Very Low Maintenance

Wet Well

Wetland Bog Filtration

Wet Well

The Wet Well and the Wetland Bog filtration 

area are well hidden with rock and plants 

Wetland Bog Filtration

 The aquatic pump draws the ponds water into the Wet Well area from all angles              

The water flows upright through the Wetland Bog filtration area 


upright water flow 

water flow intake

water flow intake

water flow outake

Rock & Gravel interior


Wetland Bog Area                                              Wet Well



  • Gets cleaned out once a year

  • Alot of filtration

  • Pulls water from all angles