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Have your Pondless Waterfall

cascading again this spring

Have your pond cleaned out and your fish handled correctly

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New filter pads          Water additives

Have your water feature serviced correctly by the experienced staff 

of Pond Paradise Designs

Pond Paradise Designs


What is Pond Paradise Designs up to lately?

   Make your appointment early this spring. Our schedule is filling up quickly. It is the best to have your Spring Startup service early in the year, so you can have a nice long season with your water feature.   

March 29  2014

Latest news at Woodside Nursery

Pond Paradise Designs

The Latest

   I had a meeting with the Kodama's 

and Pete from Woodside nursery. 

We talked about a upcoming pond and

waterfall construction. We discussed

the plans and came up with some

ideas for this pond project.

   The location of the water feature will

be by the Kodama koi fish area. 

The pond will have a L shape with two 

waterfalls. I am looking forward to

building this water feature at Woodside

nursery with Pete and Mr. Kodama.

   This water feature will be completed

by the last week of April. Come visit

Woodside nursery this spring and see

this water feature and Mr. Kodama's 

beautiful imported koi fish he will have 

on display for sale.



Click box to see Woodside Nursery Kodama koi fish page

2014 Latest Water Feature installation

Our 20th water feature display

The latest public display in Lynnbrook NY

   Another winter has passed and Pond Paradise Designs is ready for the Spring Startup

season to begin. Your water feature has had a harsh winter and is ready to be opened.

See your fish swim around in your pond again. Watch the water flow down your waterfall. 

​If you have a fish pond or a pondless waterfall, we can get it up and flowing once again

this spring. Our maintenance service staff will arrive on a scheduled visit and clean out and

prep your water feature for the new season. We have experience handling fish in a pond

carefully and know how to acclimate them to the new water. Your Pondless waterfalls

water will cascade once again and look beautiful for the new season.  


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     filter media 

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  This new filter media bail is going to be installed in all the upcoming new constructed water features this year. This material produces excellent filtration and will last a really long time. These filter media bails are replacing the lava rock that was used in the biofalls filter in the past. The bails give more filtration and will out last the lava rock, which breaks down in time.

  In a Spring Startup clean out service of a pond, the old lava rock in the biofalls media nets, will be replaced with this new filter media. The lava breaks down over the years and this new media produces just as good filtration, if not more. It will outlast the lava rock in time. 

Biofalls filter media

Better filtration, lasts longer

April 12  2014

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HUGE Bullfrogs 

  In this years Spring startup service cleanouts of ponds, I have been coming across these huge

softball sized bullfrogs. These amphibians hibernate in or around a water feature and come

out of that stage, when the weather and water warms up. Now in the spring, they are slow moving in this chilly weather. When the weather improves they will be swimming around in a

pond or basking in the sun on a lily pad.  


April 18  2014

 Another happy customer 

2014 Fall Closing season is here

Fall closing of a pond

The items necessary for your fish

to survive  the cold winter months

Pond Netting

De icer heater

Aerator bubbler

A pond with a Fall Closing




 A corner pond and waterfall



 New filter media


   One of the latest water features was built on a lake front property. The backyard has a great beautiful lake that has fish, birds, turtles and other wildlife.

   Excavating the soil in the area of the water feature build, 6 freshly hatched baby painted turtles emerged from the ground. They were amazing and very small, about the size of a dime. The egg shells were right next to them. I carefully placed them in a bucket for their safety.  

This years weather was unusual. It was a cold spring and a cool summer, with very little rain.

I beleive, thats what delayed the turtles from hatching earlier in the year.

   It is November and the water is chilly. Turtles are cold blooded reptiles and do hibernate.

 I could not put them in the brush or to put them in the lake, the water is too cold. At such a fragile stage, they might not made it through the winter. 

   I have many years of experience with reptiles and I decided to take them home and raise them over the winter in a turtle tank. The tank is set up with heated water and a ultra violet heat light for them to bask and dry out.They are feeding and are doing well. They will get released this spring at the same lake and live a great long life.