Forest Brown Mulch

Black mulch

Brown mulch



  of a Water Feature

We  offer  3  

different shades

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Pondless m.


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   Edging a water feature with mulch really

adds a natural look. There are three different

shades of mulch that we use to border the

water feature. The shades that we apply to

the outside edge are listed above.

   With a log or two in the waterfal area,

the mulch and plants around the perimeter

of the water feature combine together nicely.

Giving a very natural look.

   The mulch softens the edge of the water

features stone and gravel work. We install a

assorted variety of colorful perennial plants,

to the outside landscape of the water feature.

    A succesful beautiful water feature is the

stone artistry work, the right plantings and a

mulch edge.



Sitting Rock

Stream with boulders

Stone delivery

         All of our water feature creations are constructed with hand picked moss rocks and boulders.

    The moss rock that is chosen, has irregular shapes and erosion markings from the weather over

    years. This gives the rock a lot of character.The moss rock comes from the shady northern

    mountain forests of the north east. When moss rock is in the shade around any moisture or in

    water, a green moss will develop on the stone. The sizes of the stones are picked, according to

    the sizeof the water feature project. A mix of different sized stone makes the water feature

    project look interesting. We sort the rock and gravel to simulate a water feature you would see

    in nature, with water cascading and meandering around the stones. Our assorted sized gravel

    has a grey and maroon color. The rock work with the gravel are blended together to look very

    realistic. After our stone work is strageically placed, our one of a kind water features with the

    hand picked rock work, will have a natural realistic look that is a step above and beyond our

    competors work. Have your water feature built once and right by Pond Paradise Designs.



      The stone that is chosen for your

water feature will be delivered by a truck

or our trailer. Depending on the access

to the pond or waterfall site location, 

depends on where the stone will be placed. 

We do our best to try to prevent

any damage to a driveway, sidewalk or

street using wood and fabric.

       The path to bring the stone to the

site will be chosen by a PPD foreman. 

We choose the easiest access route to

the site, being very careful preventing 

any damage to any existing items in the 

yard. Markings in the grass lawns will

happen from the carts and wheel barrels.

Excavation markings in the grass from

any machine work will happen and

cannot be prevented.  

rock delivery
rock delivery

rock delivery.jpg
rock delivery.jpg

rock delivery trailer.jpg
rock delivery trailer.jpg

rock delivery
rock delivery


  All of the stone

is strategically

hand picked for

each individual job. This makes 

all of the water 

features, a one of a kind unique 






Untitled 18.jpg
Untitled 18.jpg

The rocks talk to me and tell me where they want to go !

Moss rock

is a tan colored rock
that has various sizes
with irregular shapes 

River Round 

Natural Boulder


gravel is a grey and
maroon colored gravel
with 3/4" to 3" sizes
is a round grey colored
boulder that comes in 
various sizes

River flat stone

is a grey and maroon

colored oval flat stone


Gravel & Mulch

A ponds rock and gravel interior



Edited Image 2014-2-18-13:52:38
Edited Image 2014-2-18-13:52:38



   A ponds interior consists of various sizes of 


  river rock boulders & river round gravel.