1.  A marker spray is used to mark out

        the water feature area. 

  3. The fabric and pond liner are installed.

5.  A mixed size of rock and gravel are

      placed in the ponds interior.

Here is a contruction step process.


6.  Low voltage aquatic lights are set in      

      the rocks and connected to a transformer. 

4.  Wet well filtration area is set and built.

2. The pond is excavated and the dirt is                            moved to the waterfall area.

8.  Install the waterfall fabric and liner.




7. Biofalls filter and PVC pipe is set in place       and thewaterfall area carved out. 


9. Build the waterfall with a variety 

     of stone and gravel.  


10.  Fill up the pond with water and turn on                               waterfall. Adjust the waterfall if needed. 

11. Place aquatic plants on edge of pond.


12. Mulch the water features edge.

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Professional grade pond kit                  Diagram
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A typical pond kit 


  •  Biofalls filter

  •  Snorkel vault wet well

  •  Geotextile undreliner fabric

  •  40 EPDM rubber liner

  •  Aquatic pump 

  •  Pvc flex pipe 

  •  Check valve

  •  Aquatic lights

  • Foam advesive, pvc glue, fittings

* All water feature kits are custom fitted to each individual project

We Do Not install any Skimmers



Wet Well

pump area

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