Problems with water features

  Common problems of a water feature   


  • String Algae, Green water

       Murky water


  •  Insufficient filtration

         Correct filtration


  • Built incorrectly

        leaks, dissfuntional


  • Poor quality materials



algae m.
algae m.

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Murky water
Murky water

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Murky water
Murky water

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algae m.
algae m.

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explaining these problems

Water problems

Water additives

Liquid Barley         Algae control      Benificial Bacteria

String Algae

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Sun exposure
String algae
Algae tool
Over feeding
Balanced pond 
Too many fish
Aquatic plants
   String algae is a bright green substance
algae, that webs together and colonizes in
a pond or waterfall. The algae thrives with
growth with warmer water. The algae will
grow even in even in colder water. A pond
with sun exposure, will have a lot more
string algae than a pond in the shade. 
The algae thrives on sun exposure, warm
water, nutrients, and fish waste. 
   A algae tool is used to remove the invasive
and unsightly alge in a pond or waterfall.  
Some People have their own methods on
pulling the algae out, by twirling it around it
in a clump it will come right out.
    Over feeding the fish can increase the 
algae growth and will prevent the algae.
Algae grows from the fish waste nutrients. 
The fish are vegetarian and will eat the
algae. The algae and nutrients in a pond
will feed the fish. The Less amounts of 
food you feed the fish, will help reduce
the algae growth. 



    The water additives we use to prevent
algae are liquid barley, algae control and
eco blast. The water additives will prevent
and defeat the string algae.These additives
are effective and are fish safe. 
     An unbalanced pond will affect the ponds
algae growth. If the pond is balanced with
all the necessary items, the pond will have
crystal clear water and help prevent the
string algae. 
     Aquatic plants are a big  part of the eco
system producing neccesary nutrients for
water clarity. Nutrients feed off of the fish
waste, which is like a ferterlizer. The more
coverage of plants produce shade which
will reduce the algae.
     A over stocked pond will produce more
fish waste and upset the balance of the 
pond. The string algae feeds on the fish
waste. Too many fish with too much fish 
waste, will create more string algae.
Fish reproduce and we proud of the babies
and the cycle of life. Keep your fish amount
level right with not too many fish. 


Bad filtration

Murky water
Murky water

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Murky water
Murky water

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Murky water
Murky water

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Great filtration

Less maintenance better performance                   Aquatic plants                                    Water additives

  Murky water is a problem with a pond caused by a few things. Insufficient filtration is a
common problem. The right size quality filtration will be a important factor with the murky
water. We install a low maintenace filtration system that is not a constant maintenance
headache system that requires a lot of maintenance. You want less maintenance and clear
water. You do not want to work on your pond more than you enjoy it.
     A rock and gravel interior with aquatic plants is the basics to keeping a pond balanced.
A liner pond with no rock and gravel has the bacteria that floats around the pond and will
does not colonize. The bacteria and fish waste will settle behind the rock and in the gravel.
    Every pond should get cleaned out once a year in our Spring Startup service. A liner pond
without any rock and gravel in the interior, usually depends on a ultra violet light to help with
water clarity. We do not install ultra violet lights. Aquatic plants will help generate water
clarity in a pond. The plants filter out minerals, carbon dioxide,ammonia, nitrates and nitrites.
Fish will nibble on the plants because they are vegetarians. A beneficial bacteria additive will
help water clarity. Your pond will be successful having clear water if you have the right
filtration system, rock and gravel interior, aquatic plants and water additives. 



algae control
algae control

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Liquid Barley
Liquid Barley

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algae control
algae control

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   Algae control
   Liquid barley

 are very affective

   Green water is a form of planktonic algae. This is a common problem
if the pond is unbalanced. You need a biological filter, aquatic plants,
rock and gravel in the pond. Sun exposure with heat and a high nitrite 
level cause the green water. Every spring when the weather gets a little
warmer a cycle for about two weeks. Once the pond is up and running
and starting to cycle, this will go away. Some ponds are take longer
than others.
   There are water additives that can help get rid of the green water.
Some people use ultra violet lights. This does work but I do not install
this item. There are bulbs you have to replace yearly and the U.V. light
and bulb are a delicate item. We do not install these U.V lights.    
    Make sure all grass fertilizers are kept away from the pond area.
Rain washes the fertilizer into a pond and makes it turn green and can
be harmful to the fish. Do not over feed the fish. The fishes waste and
nitrate levels will induce the growth of algae. The fish waste is like a
fertilizer and will turn the green water. Keep an eye on your levels. 
*  You will reduce the green water if you have the right filtration,
    aquatic plants, rock interior and do not over feeding the fish.

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Insufficient filtration

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Green water

Murky water

We Do Not Install Ultra Violet lights

   If a pond is set up correctly, you do not need a Ultra Violet light. A U. V. light is usually used

on a pond that does not have an a ecological system, meaning no rock, gravel and aquatic

plants. We do not install like this. They look unfinished and do not cycle correctly. A ultra violet

light is not neccesary in the ponds we build, with our ecological system, that we install.


    All of our ponds we build, have a rock and gravel interior with aqautic plants, creating a living 

ecological system in the pond. These items work together to create a healthy clear pond.

The rock, gravel and aquatic plants looks much more natural than a black liner with wrinkles

and no character.


    U.V. lights need to have a costly bulb replacement and sleeve every year. The transformer

does not last more than a few years.  Do not rely on a U.V. light to achieve water calrity.

Contact us before you install a ultra violet light. We will show you the right way your pond

should be set up. 


                    A ultra violet light is not the way to go as you can see in the photos below.


The right way to achieve water clarity and look more natural

A liner pond with no rock, gravel and aquatic plants relying on a U.V. light

Ultra Violet lights

NOT the way to go

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                   The WAY to go









No Ultra Violet light and crystal clear water clarity


Rock, gravel and aquatic plants


U.V. Light