We have been Published

                                            in National magazines

  This larger pondless waterfall was on the magazine cover of Architectural Digest. This pondless waterfall was constructed in the town of Watermill in South Hampton of Long Island NY. This property is surrounded by acres

of land and the waterfall has a great visual, facing this large log cabin custom built home. 

  Aquascape Designs, who is one of the largest

water feature product distributors in the U.S.,  asked Pond Paradise Designs to be involved in creating and building this water feature.

I was honored to be asked to help design and construct this water feature in this beautiful location by Aquascape Designs.

   The water feature was a successful build and  

it was a great experience working with the one

and only Ed Beaulieu, the renowned legendary water feature specialist of Aquascape Designs.

   The home owner enjoys this beautiful water

feature and has guests stay at this home.

They are fascinated with the beauty of this waterfall in the outside natural surroundings.

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      Rob with Ed Beaulieu of


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Watermill, South Hampton NY

   Pond Paradise Designs has been in a few magazines over the years. Our superior

water feature art has been published in national magazines and I have recieved

very high ranking in photo contests and won awards. I was honored to be published.  

    In the future with our unique artistic ability, Pond Paradise Designs is capable to 

be in more magazine articles and books. I do not pursue to advertise and to promote

this way. If I am asked by a publisher to be in a magazine or book, I would probably 

accept the offer and be glad to share my water features with the world. 

Pond Paradise Designs.....

     You can have a very nice garden with a pond, lawn, shrubs, and some perennial or        

 annual plants for color. But when the flowers fade and the shrubs are green and

dormant for winter, it's the structure, or hardscape, in a garden that can make things

really intersting and attractive.

                                                                Year - long Interest

    Hardscape - elements such as arbors, sculptures, gazebos, potting sheds, obelisks, fountains, fences, trellises, stone, bricks, benches, and other permanent features

offers interest all year long. That's especially important in colder climates when there

maybe little color in the garden. And since we can't always be in our gardens, structures

give us something interesting to look at from indoors.

     Depending on your taste, as well as the style of your garden and your house, these elements may be fanciful or formal, ornate or simple, contemporary, rustic or Victorian.

They can be subtle colors or vibrant focal points. People want a garden and want color,

but more important is the layout. If you have the space, you want to create vistas and destinations. A water feature is always a great destination, but an arbor or a pergola,

which is a long, stretched version of an arbor, is a way to draw visitors to the pond.


                   A gazebo is the ultimate outdoor room. When placed beside
                 a backyard pond and stream, in a peaceful woodland setting.

Asian Pond Paradise

A place to spend tranquil time by your water feature

Water feature

with a Tea House

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An Asian - inspired gazebo

Islandia NY

   If an arbor is a doorway and a pergola is a hallway, the gazebo is the ultimate

outdoor room. " The gazebo is a tranquil escape and it can add more time spent by

a water feature, " says Rob Riccardo of Pond Paradsie Design in Islandia, New York. Riccardo and his dad built a attractive colorful gazebo. An Asian style teahouse for

his dad's garden. A unique one of a kind structure with incredible wood work.

   A garden design sometimes begins with a idea about a place, a photo, a poem,

or some other element. In this case,the two artists hit upon the gazebo idea when

Robs father pulled out old photographs of his Navy travels to Japan. They voted to

build a different type of gazebo, a asian tea house. The yard had a nice landscape 

and a few water features but had no gazebo. This was one of the finishing touches in the yard, which had years of designing and building involved.

   The larger pond and much of the garden can be seen from the tea house. 

The Asian feeling of the garden is enhanced by six water features and a beautiful landscape. A variety of specimen trees surround the yard such as Japanese maples, weeping blue atlas cedars, Norway spruce, Weeping cherry and more. There is also

a big variety of colorful plants throughout the yard. Mossy rocks and a few Asian

style statues are placed in strategic places in the landscape. 

    The entry arbor features an elaborate arch. The Riccardos highligted the tea house

and arbor arches with decorations and red and green stain. A 36 inch gong hangs in

the tea house and could be heard far away. The interior has benches to sit and relax spending quality time enjoying the view. " The tea house is like a little getaway

outside." Riccardo said. 

    Similar structures can be as simple or as elaborate as resources will afford.

For this  client, the Riccardos designed four ponds with water falls, a stream and two

besalt rock fountainscapes nearby. This is a backyard Pond Paradise


A Backyard Paradise

Hauppauge NY



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