Sometimes a rock retaining wall

  is neccesary in a waterfall design

  The rock wall will prevent the rain

  or sprinkler water from washing out any part of the waterfall landscape soil berm.

  The water could undermine the soil, causing the plants, biofalls filter or spillway, to            

  shift out of place. In the back of the waterfall area, the rock is placed on a slight angle    

  on the berms soil, towards the waterfall area.  Different sized stones are applied to

  create a strong retaining rock wall. This will keep the soil retained off of a fence or a

  tight corner. No cement is used when building these rock retaining walls. Plantings

   and mulch along the top of the wall, will help retain the rock wall. The rock retaining  

  wall, looks more natural than a cement brick wall and blends in with the water feature.   

retaining wall