Fall Closing

  In the spring time of the year, we

perform a Spring Startup service. 

The washing out and opening of the pond for the season.

   Our maintenance staff arrives  and empties out the water and power washes out the pond. Removing bad bacteria and debris from the past season.          

  The fish are carefully handled

and placed in aerated tubs acclimating to the new water.            The filtration is cleaned and the pump is installed. We do install water hyacinth or water lettuce if requested. 

   Any requests you have must be made before our arrival for this service. There is a hourly rate charge for this service. 


 Spring Startup

    In the fall season, we perform a Fall Closing of a pond. This service requires the removal of a pump. The clipping down of any aquatic plants. A aerator bubbler unit is placed on the side of the pond with a hose and a aerator stone

placed in the pond. This will prevent fish loss over the winter.

   A supported leaf net will be installed to keep the leafs from dropping directly in the pond,

which could affect the fishes health. The fish go into hibernation and do not get fed over the winter months until the spring when water is above 55 degrees. 

   Any requests you have must be made before our arrival for this service. There is a hourly rate charge for this service.   


 Not happy with the visual appearance or the performance

of your water feature? We can improve this by upgrading or rebuild your pond or waterfall.

    Some water features are poorly built by unexperienced contractors and have a filtration system that is a lot of maintenance. Our low maintenance water features are professionally built with materials and products that are built to last. Our stone work is placed and puzzled together. Creating a one of a kind unique artistically built water feature, like no other. Have your existing water feature upgraded by Long Island's, leading Premier water feature specialist  Pond Paradise Designs.  

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   Have your water feature serviced and
your fish handled by the experienced maintenance staff of Long Island's best
            Pond Paradise Designs


Proudly servicing Long Island since 2003

We strive for perfection and will not settle for anything less.

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Spring Startup

Fall Closing 


Have your water feature maintained or 

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