Spring Startup 

                                   of a

                                    water feature

A Spring Startup service

Wash out the pond

Wash out the pond

The water is pumped out. The rock and gravel is washed with a power washer.This process is complete when the pond looks clean. This service is necessary every year, to remove bad bacteria that will grow in the pond and this could harmful to your fishes health.

Fish holding tub

Fish holding tub

We carefully take the fish out of the pond and place them in aerated holding tubs. In the tubs, we add pond water and new dechlorinated water. The fish acclimate to the new water, while the service is being completed. The fish are then placed back into the pond at the end of the service.

Clean out the filtration

Clean out the filtration

The biofalls filtration unit, pads, and filter media gets cleaned out. This biofalls filter gets cleaned only once a year in the Spring Startup service.

Handling the fish

Handling the fish

After the pond is cleaned, the fish are carefully placed back in the pond. The fish adjust to the new dechlorinated water and are ready for another season.

Change the aquatic bulbs

Change the aquatic bulbs

We change all the aquatic light bulbs in the pond and waterfall. The bulbs are guaranteed for one season in the same year.

Water additives

Water additives

After the clean out is complete. We apply water detoxifier to the new water, filling the pond to defeat the chlorine in the hose water. We will set you up with the basic water additives for a season such as a natural bacteria and algae control. We offer other water additives at your request.







Do not make a costly mistake

and have your fish die !!



      Do not risk losing your fish, by someone

who is  inexperienced with handling fish.

The fish are your beloved pets you cherrish 

and love deserve to by cared us. 

We have had many years of experience

 handling fish with the right water additives

and methods. A fish can live for a very long

time if it iscared for the right way. Have

your fish handled correctly by the staff of

Pond Paradise Designs. 


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  In the spring time, our maintenance staff will

arrive and perform a Spring Startup service for

your pond, for the upcoming new season.


Last season's water is pumped out 

& the pond is power washed clean.

Fresh new water is added to the

pond for a new season. Your fish

will have a healthy life.

Have your pond cleaned out carefully the right way, by the experienced specialist Pond Paradise Designs

We have fish tubs and can make a temporary

holding tank with a pond liner for larger koi fish

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Keep your fish happy,

healthy  & alive

Look for this plate

on our service truck