The water in a waterfall, can be redirected to change the waters flow direction.  

Cascading over a log or a meandering around a larger boulder enhances the waterfall

to have a unique one of a kind look with character.  

   The sizes and shapes of the stone are hand picked for each individual project. 

Even though we use the same type of rock and gravel to build these water features,

there are no two waterfalls a like. All the rock has its own sizes and shape and when

strategically placed in the waterfall, the water flows in different directions to simulate 

a waterfall you wood see out in nature. 

   Water feature projects are a challenge to create something new and looking natural.

Using creative thoughts and techniques, our water features are artiscally created. 

Every water feature built is better than the last with different styles and techniques.  



         Have your water feature built proffesionally once and right,

     by Long Island's Premier water feature specialist Pond Paradise Designs.

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Unique techniques

     with water features

  PPD has very unique techniques in designing each individual water
feature. Every water feature is a 
one of a kind creation. They are all
different in thier own ways with
character. There are no two a like.