by a water feature

   A fire pit by a water feature is always a nice effect. The fire pit comes in various sizes and styles. 


Enjoy the warmth of a Fire pit by a water feature

   Some fire pits are more of a permanent structure and cannot be moved around.

Usually in a patio design, they are made of paver brick or stone. A great place to sit

and relax and roast some marshmallows or smores with the view of the water feature.

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Fire pit made of brick or stone

   A portable fire pit is simple and very common. It can easily be

moved to different locations around the yard. Depending on your

mood, you can move it close to the water feature location or

further back onto a patio to enjoy the view. This is great item to

have in the evening to give a outdoor feeling and keeping insects

away. At the end of a season you can put the fire pit away. Store the 

portable fire pit in a shed or a sheltered location.


Light the wood & have a fire

Outdoor Living Room 


                                                                          Is a water feature by a patio with a table                                                     and chairs next to a fire pit

Pond Paradise Designs does not build fire pits but can refer a contractor that does