by a water feature


              A custom built fireplace
   Have a custom built stone outdoor fireplace by your water feature. See water
cascading down a waterfall with aquatic lighting, while you are enjoying the comfort
of a outdoor fireplace. 
  You do not have to travel to enjoy the outdoors. A few steps away, right in your own
yard, you can enjoy a quiet evening by your water feature. Relax, have a glass of
wine or roast marshmallows with your kids. This is very close and convenient for you
and your family to enjoy.
  A brick or stone fireplace looks amazing in any yard. With your water feature close by
and a patio with tables and chairs, a fireplace is a great setting. You can have dinner 
on the patio keeping warm with the fireplace, observing your water feature, enjoying
your Backyard Paradise

The view and sound of a waterfall and the comfort of a fireplace, is tranquil time spent

in your own a Backyard Paradise

* Pond Paradise Designs does not build these fireplaces but we can refer a contractor who does

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Roast marshmallows
over the fire

Make a smore