Instead of dragging a garden hose for a weekly fill up of water

                       to the water feature, which can be a chore you do not want to do. 

                       We have two ways that work well that can prevent this.





   (1 )                                           A dedicated water line source, is needed to be installed

                                                 by the water feature. We install a water fill  valve on this

                                                 water line into a pond or a pondless waterfall. The water

                                                 fill valve will trigger on, when the water level is running low.

                                                 The valve will fill the water features water level  and 

                                                  automatically shut off when the water level is full. 




    ( 2 )     We can find the closest existing sprinkler line that is by the water feature.                                    

              Installing a tee coupling with a seperate  line going to the water feature to

              fill it up. This will add a little water to the water feature, every time the 

              sprinkler zone goes on. We suggest setting this zone on for at least

             15 to 20 minutes minimum.   



Water Fill Valve

Ball valve with the sprinkler line


Your existing sprinkler line closest to the water feature,

will feed the irrigation line added to your water feature 


Water fill valve

Sprinkler fed valve