Koi fish &


   If you are interested in top grade A imported
quality koi fish, Woodside nursery is the Koi fish
center for you. KODAMA is a world wide famous
koi breeder. The koi fish are bred in Niigata Japan 
and raised in their koi farm in Oahu Hawaii.
Their koi fish have won many koi show awards. 
    The koi are imported to Woodside Nursery in
Patchouge, Long Island New York. The nursery
has a great showroom and display ponds for the
koi fish. The koi fish they raise have extreme
vibrant colors and are show winners.
    Visit Woodside nursery and meet the owners
of Kodama koi farm and see the beautiful fish.
Talk to them about their establishment and
see if they have a koi fish that interests you. 

Top A grade imported Koi

High quality Koi fish that are raised in the Kodama Koi farms

  Water feature 


       Family owned and operated and

       serving the community for 26 years

Winter, Spring, Summer, & Fall  Woodside is your full service nursery. We are fully stocked and have all the supplies for your landscape. 

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Pond Paradise Designs is Woodside
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Nursery and Garden center

   Come to Woodside Nursery and see the imported           beautiful Koi fish selection in the showroom.


        134  E  Woodside Ave, Patchouge, NY                              Tel. (631) 758 - 1491
   I have been into water gardening and koi ponds for many years.
  I have built hundreds of water features and have seen many fish.
 The quality koi fish that are imported from Kodama koi farms in
 Japan and Hawaii, are the best quality I have ever seen. The koi
 fish have very bright rich vibrant colors with vivid patterns.
 Grade A bred by top quality koi experts, at Kodama fish farm.  

March 3-29-2014

The Latest

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   Mr. Mamoru Kodama is a legendary icon and world
renown koi breeder and dealer. He is the owner of the Kodama koi farms. It was a pleasure to meet him and
talk about his koi fish farm and show him photos of
my past water feature creations. I was fascinated with the quality and vibrant colors of his koi fish. He was amazed with my photos and my artistic ability with
water features. I felt very honored that he liked my
water features. He has a lot of experience in this field.
   It was a great experience for me to meet such a legendary man like him. I congradulated him with his 
success raising his prize winning koi fish. Mr. Kodama
complimented me on my beautiful water feature
projects, that I had built in the past. It was great day
for both of us and I am very happy I met this great
successful honorable man. 


       Woodside nursery and koi fish center

Come see some of the finest imported top quality koi fish in the world 

Meeting Mr. Kodama

Latest news at  Woodside Nursey

Pond Paradise Designs

   I had a meeting with the Kodama's 

and Pete from Woodside nursery. 

We talked about a upcoming pond and

waterfall construction. We discussed

the plans and came up with some

ideas for this pond project.

   The location of the water feature will

be by the Kodama koi fish area. 

The pond will have a L shape with two 

waterfalls. I am looking forward to

building this water feature at Woodside

nursery with Pete and Mr. Kodama.

   This water feature will be completed

by the last week of April. Come visit

Woodside nursery this spring and see

this water feature and Mr. Kodama's 

beautiful imported koi fish he will have 

on display for sale.



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Kodama koi