Backyard Wildlife

     with a water feature

Nature is alive, right in your own backyard

  Outdoor wildlife is a common thing you will see around a water feature. Depending on
where you live and what type of local animals you have in your surrounding area, they will find
your water feature and ultilize in their survival outdoor lifestyle. It is exciting to see a animal
right in your own yard enjoying the natural visual setting of the water feature. 




  • Drinking the water keeping hydrated 


  •  Cooling off by splashing in the water


  •  Finding shelter in the plants


Birds  are the most common of all the animals
to find a water feature. They fly down and take
a drink from a stream or take a splash bath to
cool off. There are many different types of birds
that will enjoy your water feature.  

Deer - If you live close to a wooded area, a deer

might come and drink from your stream.

Deer live in the woods around  neighborhoods.  

   We have clients that have non fenced yards.

Deer come into their yards and sip water from

the stream exploring the water feature. 

What a great photography moment that is!  




How do animals Benefit 
  from a water feature

   Snails can be found in a pond. They are very

unique and have a interesting shell. Snails can

travel around the pond and in the waterfall.

   These little creatures  can be found anywhere.

I took the photo with the snail by the waterfall 

at one of my public waterfall displays at a gas

station in a busy area ! 


Aquatic turtles  can find your pond and make

it a new home. The will bask in the sun on a

rock or log. Turtles are very hardy and will

hibernate in the winter and return to the pond

in the spring. They live for many years.

Clients of ours that have turtles have named

the turtles in their ponds. 

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Frogs find your pond and make a very nice  

interesting amphibian. A Bullfrog will get

as big as softball. They ribbit and croak and

look great sitting on a lily pad. I have seen

huge bullfrogs and tree frogs by a pond.

They hibernate in the winter around the

pond and come out in the spring.


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Newts & Salamanders

Newts and Salamanders can be found by a

water feature. The are amphibian and like

moisture. In between a rock or under a log

they can be found. They are about 3 to 4

inches long. Not that common these days,

but I have seen them by water features that

I have built in the past.

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duck m.
duck m.

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Ducks can find your pond. They fly from lake to
lake and will notice your pond in their travels

and will stop by to visit. Swimming in the pond

or splashing in the waterfall beautiful mallard

ducks will enjoy your water feature. We had a

big family visit Pond Paradise's larger pond

twice a day for a few years.



Lizards can be found here on Long Island in
certain towns. I have seen small lizards from
Rocky Point to Lindenhurst. Story has it that
when the Italian people first came to these 
towns, they took lizards from in Italy and put
them in their yards to feel like they were back
home. Italy has areas that have colder climates
and these lizards survived and acclimated to
our winters here. These small lizards have
multipliedand survived over the years.
Basking in the sun andsplashing in the
waterfall, they look great.

  When I saw these lizards for the first time,

I was very surprized. I have a lot experience

in theherpetologyfield and have studied and

own reptilesover the years.I really think this

benefits the water featuresappearance and surroundings. You can feel like youare on a

tropical island in a Pond Paradise .



Alligators!! Hopefully Not!! lol

  Watch the wildlife explore your water feature. Animals will visit your yard

and will appreciate the natural setting of your water feature. 

The animals will drink from the cascading waterfall or blend in with

the natural surroundings. The wild animals that visit your yard will return

and make your yard a part of their lifestyle.